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There are many benefits that Prima Transformers boasts of. Here is an account of some of them:

1. EXPERIENCE: Being in existence for more than 5 years now and having the large number of clients that it has, Prima Transformers comes across as your time tested partner for the manufacturing of control transformers. Not only this but even its founders, i.e. A.B. Products and Prima Automation, have been in the business of manufacturing and marketing for more than two decades. Therefore, there is a large amount of experience that comes along with the company.

2. SKILLED MANPOWER: We hire experts from various fields to enhance the quality of work which is being delivered to our clients. The training of these recruits are also maintained at the highest level. All of this culminates into the sustenance of high quality product offering.

3. ECONOMICAL: The Company’s products are economical when compared to the competitors’ which are available in the market.

4. CUSTOMER SAFETY: Even the customers gain many advantages by working with Prima Transformers. Firstly, they can relieve themselves of the risk of sub standard quality and low rating products. The company comes across as a high quality product in all counts. The use of modern technology leads to the manufacturing of contemporary product models. Lastly, the manufacturing processes of the company are such that standard output of confirmed specifications is assured.

5. ONE OF ITS KIND MANUFACTURING FACILITY: Prima Transformers has more 5500 square metres plant area, which is the largest in Gujarat in its kind of control transformers.

6. DEDICATION TOWARDS QUALITY: The Company leaves no stone unturned to make sure that the promised quality is being delivered to the customers.

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