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Power Transformers Manufacturers

Power Transformers Manufacturers

Power transformers at Prima Transformers have immense capability to withstand extreme weather conditions, fire, short circuits, explosions etc. We have in-house research and development team that enables us to give us most innovative solutions at most suitable prices. Our products are customized as per our clients’ needs and requirements.

Being trusted Power transformers Manufacturers, we are able to give highly environmental friendly solutions that cause less pollution and consume less energy always. Our products are highly innovative assure safe machining operations and excellent functioning.

Prima's Power Transformers Manufacturers Include


Complete with standard and special fittings that include:

  • on load tap changers
  • tap changer control panels
  • separate and integral cooling bank systems
  • forced fan cooling
  • oil circulation pump systems
  • temperature monitoring systems
  • HV and LV cable boxes or outdoor bushings
  • Conservator and Bucholz

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  • 100% Vacuum Pressure Saturated
  • Trusted Quality Power Transformers Manufacturers
  • Highly efficient, low temperature rise, customized, and cost effective
  • Transformer may be provided with Epoxy Potted / Cast Resin / VPI

  • Automation Industries
  • Industrial Machineries
  • Railways
  • Solar Panel UPS
  • Wind Converters

We are reputed Power transformers Manufacturers, where products are manufactured and designed with careful attention and after deep observation only. Our products are always available at most suitable prices when compared to similar manufacturers worldwide. Our products cause minimum noise and they can be operated at less voltage always.

To know more about Power transformers Manufacturers India, and to get most customized solutions from us, contact expert team at Prima Transformers now.


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