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Being reputed Oil cooled transformer manufacturer and exporter in India we offer flexible and intuitive range of transformers worldwide. The oil cooled transformers manufactured with us are suitable to use with various industrial applications according to demand. We are well recognized and established Oil cooled transformer manufacturer in India giving quality results in budget. Our experts have vast knowledge about products and working in same domain from years.

Prima Transformers is among the finest manufacturer of oil cooled transformer in India. Let’s go through specifications, features, and advantages of oil cooled transformer.

Types : ONAN / ONFA
Rating : Equal to 5 MVA
Voltage Class : Equal to 33 KV
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Insulation Class : Class B
Winding Material : Aluminum / Electrolytic Copper
Tap Type : Off circuit Tap Links / On Load Tap Changer
Enclosure Protection : IP 55
Cooling : AF (Forced) / AN (Neutral)
Reference Standard : IS/IEC

  • Iron core made of grain-oriented electrical sheet steel insulated on both sides, core-type Windings consisting of copper section wire, copper band or aluminium band. The insulation has a high disruptive strength and is temperature-resistant, thus guaranteeing along service life
  • Designed to withstand short circuit for at least 2 seconds (IEC)
  • Oil-filled tank designed as tank with strong corrugated walls or as radiator tank
  • Transformer base with plain or flanged wheels (skid base available)
  • Cooling/insulation liquid: Mineral oil according to VDE 0370/IEC 60296(3). Silicone oil or synthetic liquids are Available (on request)
  • Standard coating for outdoor installation./ Coatings for special applications
  • Short circuit ability
  • Environmental friendly Oil cooled transformer
  • Assuring reliability

Being a reputed Oil cooled transformer manufacturer and exporter in India, our transformers are successfully installed at chemical plants, high rise buildings, airports, hospitals, colleges, hotels, electronic institutes, power plants, nuclear plants, steel plants, textiles, railways, oil industries, and education campus.

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