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Line and Load Reactors

We do offer most amazing range of line and load reactors with minimum heat dissipation and harmonic distortion. Our products are free from any magnetic loss and they can be installed quickly. Our line and load reactors are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and frequent short circuits. Further, our wide range of products are available in custom specifications too that are suitable for varied industrial applications.

Specification of line and load Reactors:
Range : 4000 AMP
Voltage Drop : Up to 400 V
Winding : Aluminum / Copper
Insulation Class : F/H
Supply Frequency : 50/60 HZ
Reference Standards : IS 9229 / IS6207 / IEC 60076-6

Type of line and load Reactors::


  • Filter Reactor
  • Booster Reactor
  • Grid Reactor
  • DC Choke
  • Detuned Rector
  • Current Limited Reactor
  • Output / Input Reactor

Featurers & Advantages of line and load Reactors:


  • Extend life for motor & switching components
  • Lower heat dissipation
  • Minimum harmonic deformation
  • Reactors are used as coupler for grid and converter
  • Remove nuisance tripping for circuit breakers
  • Reducing line notching
  • Short circuit ability
  • Eco friendly Line and load reactors at attractive prices
  • Products having better service life
  • After sales maintenance services for Prima Line and load reactors

Application of line and load Reactors

Being reputed transformer manufacturers and exporters in India, our line & load reactors can be used with UPS, solar inverters, rectifiers, drives, tractor or wind inverters. Our products are highly eco-friendly and they can be availed at most suitable prices.

Our products have longer shelf life and we do also offer after sales and maintenance services to our clients. The short circuit ability and energy efficiency features of our products make them more reliable and popular worldwide. To know more about our products and to get custom solutions from us, contact expert team at Prima Transformers now.

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