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Energy Saving Light Transformers

Energy Saving Light transformers is one of the most adorable transformer products that can be operated at low voltage and holds maximum mechanical strength. These transformers are able to withstand frequent short circuits and extreme weather conditions too.

Being most trusted manufacturers and exporters in India, we always manufacture or design our products with amazing technical specifications and desired strength. Our skilled and experienced staff is the reason why we are able to give most suitable product range to our clients.

Let us review the technical specifications, features and applications of Energy Saving Light transformers together.

Standards : IS 2026, IS 11171, IEC 60076
Rating : Up to 1000 KVA
Voltage Class : up-to 5 kV
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Insulation Class : Class ‘F’ / Class ‘H’
Winding Material : Electrolytic Copper/Aluminium.
Indoor or Outdoor : Application
Tap Types : Off Circuit Tap Links / On Load Tap Changer
Enclosure Protection : IP Class as per requirement
Termination : Bus Bars (Standard), Cable Boxes (on request)
Cooling : AN (Natural) / AF (Forced)

  • By pass switches given for emergency fault
  • Fast switching thyristor is used for controlling supply voltage
  • Enviroment friendly-Pollution less.
  • Life of the lamps increases considerably resulting in the reduced inventory as well as maintenance cost
  • Maintenance free and easy-to-install
  • Microprocessor based Controller who monitors supply voltage
  • No effects on the power factors
  • Output Voltmeter as well as current meter can be given (optional)
  • Over current can be monitored as well as error is generated (optional)
  • Prima gives 2-years warranty for all the manufacturing defects
  • Power saving of around 15 % - 25 % in lighting load
  • Return on Investment in 8 - 24 months
  • Short Circuit can be protected by the MCB
  • Surge Arresters can be given for transitory surge voltage (optional)
  • Under / Over voltage is observed and error is generated (optional)
  • Zero crossing switching circuit utilized for smoother voltage control
  • Available in different sized according to application
  • Our Energy Saving lighting transformer is free from all magnetic losses
  • Quick and cost effective installation for Energy Saving lighting transformer

Energy Saving Lighting Transformer Applications:

As we have already discussed on applications and features of Energy saving Light transformers. Now you must be pretty much sure why Energy Saving Light transformers is largely optimum for varied industrial apps. These transformers are free from any kind of magnetic loss and they are highly cost effective too.

They can be availed in multiple sizes and custom specifications as per project needs and requirements. The maintenance costs for energy efficient transformers are also negligible. To know more on our different transformer products and how they suit your special industrial application, contact Prima transformers’ expert team now.

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