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Control power transformers from PRIMA TRANSFORMERS set the industry standard for design innovation and performance. They are designed with low impedance windings for excellent voltage regulation, and can accommodate the high inrush current associated with contactors, starters, solenoids, and relays. A variety of designs are available to meet the diverse needs of panel builders and machinery OEMs.

The versatility of our control transformer line offers unparalleled options for design engineers. We also have one of the most extensive offering of custom products with no minimum order requirements. We have a national network of distributors to ensure prompt delivery, including industry leading delivery on custom products. In most cases, we can design, manufacture, and ship a custom unit in two weeks or less.


Range : 50 VA - 1000KVA
Number of Phases : Single Phase, Two Phase, Three Phase
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Primary Voltage : Up to 750 VAC
Secondary Voltage : Up to 750 VAC
Insulation Class : Up to H
Cooling : Forced air / Air natural
Enclosure Protection : As per request
Winding Material : Aluminum / Electrolytic Copper

Transformers with Fuse Block Protection

We offer both product lines with factory installed overcurrent protection fuse blocks. Transformers consist of two primary fuse blocks and one secondary fuse block, a configuration that meets the majority of overcurrent needs by panel builders and machinery OEMs. Since the fuse blocks are pre-wired and mounted on top of the transformer, Transformers have the same footprint as GA drawing. We also have an extensive fuse block offering for custom applications.

Leaded Control Transformer Line

PRIMA offers transformers with internally pre-wired primary and secondary leads, instead of terminal boards, to make installation easier and faster for many applications.


PRIMA offers transformers in the MultiTap version. The MultiTap control transformer was designed to respond to the increased need for voltage and stock flexibility. Itcombines multiple primary voltages with one or more secondary voltages, all in a single transformer.

TRANSFORMERS are designed for the global market and are the best choice when size and cost are of concern. This is our most popular and complete offering of industrial control transformers. The following features are included:

  • 50/60 Hz rated
  • Customer installed accessories (Finger-Safe covers, fuse blocks, fuse clips)
  • Type T transformers are designed with various temperature classes:
    • 25–150 VA with a 55° C temperature rise, 105° C insulation
    • 200–350 VA with a 80° C temperature rise, 130° C insulation
    • 500–5000 VA with a 115° C temperature rise, 180° C insulation

PRIMA manufactures a wide variety of voltage combinations for control transformers.

CE Marking

Industrial control transformers (ICTs) entering the European Union (EU) standards to have CE marking orDeclaration of Conformity to CE. EU documentation requires compliancewith specification EN 61 558 of the Low Voltage Directive. For more information regarding CE marking, please contact us.


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