Line and Load Reactors in India - Guide by Prima Transformers

line and load reactors


line reactors i.e.,Input and load reactors i.e.,output are used for extra margin protection of AC & DC Drives. If we go in detail line reactor is used for protecting the drive, whereas load reactor is used for motor protection.


Load reactors are also used on the output of AC Drives to reduce the effects of high motor wiring capacitance and to ease the high rates of change of voltage applied to the motor windings.


But this is not just a point to differentiate line reactor vs load reactor.Here In this article, we will discuss more in detail about the functionality and applications of Line and load reactors.

Line Reactors

An individual usually utilizes input or line reactor to protect VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) from input power line disturbances that can damage the drive or create nuisance tripping. It also helps in lowering the harmonics generated by VFD back onto the power line.

When to use input or line reactors?

There are three situations in which line reactors fit in:

Where to place line reactors?


Line reactors are linked in between input source and VFD controller series.Mounted closer to the drive.

Output or load reactor is used for motor protection where distance of wiring between VFD and motor is longer. High frequency PWM 3-phase output is generated by the drive with noise spikes over the leading edge of frequency. These spikes get increased because of lengthy cables and their extra capacitance. This results in high voltage rating for motor where insulation breakdown happens.

Manufacturers of Line and Load Reactors are fabricating their entire range with great enthusiasm and dedication to bring high-performing designs for the clients. They also provide installation facility on request.

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