9 reasons why should you go for cast resin transformers

The transformer that uses insulating oil, conservator tank, winding insulation makes the transformer bulky and expensive in maintenance. Considering this factor, a new type of transformer can be introduced called as cast resin transformer. The cast resin transformers manufacturers offers technologically advanced transformers designed to offer exceptional performance over any other transformers.

Some of the salient features of cast resin transformers are:

1) Cast resin transformers come with high impulse & dynamic short circuit strength.
2) It is non hygroscopic in nature and has a very good partial discharge.
3) Having good overload capacity, these transformers are non-flammable and fire resistant making it extremely safe from its other counterparts.
4) It is also environment friendly as the contamination is less due to no risk of leakage of inflammable substances.
5) You can easily place them in any damp or contaminated areas. Being robust in built, these transformers can withstand any sort of severe of rolling and vibrating conditions and offer high performance while dealing with seismic phenomena.

Its advantages:

1. Self-extinguishing in nature - Low fire hazard.
The insulation used in this transformer contains epoxy resin and mixture of quartz powder allowing the process of winding to be self-extinguishing and flame-retardant. Thus, it reduces the cost involved in fire extinguishing tools. It does not produce any sort of lethal gases, even under the influence of arcing. The cast resin transformers manufacturers have developed the transformer in such a way that it can be safe even during an electrical spark caused due to fire.

2. Oil usage is zero.
This transformer requires only air to cool. So, there is no extra cost involved in oil testing, dielectric testing for checking the moisture absorption or liquid-level checking.

3. Eco-friendly.
There is absolutely no chance of oil leaks making it extremely safe and environment friendly.

4. Extremely safe.
Compared to oil-cooled transformers, there is absolutely no chance of explosion during normal operation in case cast resin transformer.

5. Low installation cost.
There is absolutely no restriction when it comes to installation. No groundwater protection costs are involved plus there is no restriction if the transformers are placed closer to the load. In fact, if it is closer to the load, the chances of cabling cost are less.

6. Reliable.
The cast resin transformers comes with a shelf life of 20 years and have a very low failure rate, which makes it extremely reliable for any electrical infrastructure.

7. Low maintenance cost.
Cast resin transformer comes with very low maintenance. It requires just a routine inspection by technician and a wipe down.

8. Low noise levels.
The coil support system installed in the transformer has got advanced spacers that reduce the vibrations in the iron core, resulting in lower noise levels during operation.

9. Overload capacity.
Speaking from the electrical standpoint, cast resin transformer can safely handles the high fluctuation of voltages. Not just that if there is voltage upsurge, it balances the stress across the winding. Thus it is the best and most reliable option when it comes to choosing transformers. The multi-layer winding allows extra cooling ducts in the coil creating a larger cooling surface area and spreading a uniform temperature.

Cast resin transformer is economical, environment friendly, low maintenance in nature, and has a long shelf life. Considering its advantages we have no better choice than choosing it.

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